Slice like crazy — 3 Comments

  1. I never thought about using different kinds of balls against people with different grips. It makes complete sense trying to get the ball low against someone with a semi-western grip. I would assume it is alot harder for them to hit the ball when it is that low.

    What about people with continental grips? I think it would be much easier for them to hit the ball flatter or even with some underspin when it is low. Getting it high on them seems like a good option.

    Another note to put in my strategy book, “take notice of what grips my opponents use”.

    Thanks Tom

  2. Hi Remi:
    You probably won’t play against too many people using a continental grip unless they are much older.
    Just keep it low and make them bend over. They’ll be too tired to do it for long and will start popping the ball up.

  3. I was once playing with a young guy which had many friends at his age which were playing tennis.

    He was playing very aggressive and very strong, with no technique at all!

    I was slicing the ball like crazy and he couldn’t the net because he was always expecting me to power shot.

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