Darryl Cummings, Director of Tennis ODU“If you think you should give up on tennis because you can’t win any more, then think again. Tom Antion has come up with an instructional video that will keep you playing and winning even if you aren’t in the greatest shape.”

Darryl Cummings, Director of Tennis, Old Dominion University


Tom Antion has way of making the difficult seem simple. If you’re wondering if the game of tennis is for you because you think you’re overweight or out of shape – think again. Tom Antion’s video series Winning Tennis for the Overweight and Hopelessly Out of Shape, gives people large and small helpful , practical, easy to understand tips on how to prepare, play and win the game of tennis with humor and insight to the game that all tennis players can love.Corine Wofford ITF Women's Satellite Coordinator, San Antonio, TX

I’ve heard some of the same advice outlined in these videos shared by ITF (International Tennis Federation) coaches for tennis players preparing for the tour. I recommend Tom’s videos for tennis players of all sizes for Great Tennis Tips and great Fun!

Corine Wofford
USTA Women’s Satellite Tournament Organizer
San Antonio, Texas

“Tom Antion is a regular guy who LOVES tennis, and is always going the ‘extra mile’ to find ways to not only improve his tennis game – but to win!

Now it’s time to learn from a club player just like you, who is ‘in the trenches’

coachkyriltennisYou’ll not only discover cool strategies about how to beat your out-of-shape opponents, but you’ll also get great tips about how to last longer on the court, frustrate those ‘younger’ players, and have fun doing it!

Tom’s thoughtfulness, intelligence, experience, creativity, humor and sheer passion for the game really come through in this DVD that’s crammed with over 3 HOURS of tips that’ll have your out-of -shape buddies scrambling to get to the water cooler!

Whether you’re overweight, out-of-shape or simply want to discover more ways to beat more players, Tom’s gotcha covered!”


All kinds of fatties love FatsoTennis.com


Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much i enjoyed your dvd!  After i watched it, my game definitely improved!

Thanks a bunch,

Dennis Unay


Even sexy girls love tennis players who read FatsoTennis.com


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