This site has one purpose. To teach tennis tactics so you can make your opponent run like crazy and suck air so bad that you win easy points and the match.

You don’t have to be a fatso like me to use this site. The techniques taught here will work for anyone of any age.

But if you are overweight and out of shape, mastering what you learn here will help you to crush the people that are holding their own with you now and allow you to beat people who you normally can’t beat.

How did this site come to be?
In the 70s I was a major college football player at West “by God” Virginia University.  I always tell people that was back before they had facemasks hahaha. I played starting offensive guard at 255 lbs.

College football at that level is pretty much like semi-pro. You get paid by means of a scholarship to bust your butt year round to win games and bring in revenue for the school.

That's me # 73 taking out a linebacker from the University of Pittsburgh

I ate like a ravenous junk yard dog, but offset all those calories with heavy duty weight lifting and running pretty much year round. . . . you really had to work out that hard because at that level of play even third teamers could kill you if you weren’t in peak physical condition.

Then I graduated.

And I kept eating just like I had been during all those years of professional level workouts. I ballooned up to 300 pounds and topped out at 345.

Don’t worry though. By standard weight and height charts all I had to do to be perfect was grow to 9 feet tall 🙂

I yo yo’d up and down for years and then took up tennis when I was about 30 years old. I immediately started dropping weight and actually got down around 230 for a while. Then do to heavy business obligations I quit tennis and balooned back up.

Ten years went by.

I”m now back in to tennis and have dropped 37 pounds in about 4 months. Isn’t that interesting? Every time I get serious about tennis, I lose weight and maintain the loss.

OK Great Tom, but get to the point. How did this site come about?
When I got back in to tennis I found out I still had the competitive spirit I had since I was young. The beaten up and abused body wasn’t moving me around the court like it used to, but I still wanted to win.

So, I started studying all the ways I could make the other person run while I basically walked around the court. When you study tennis you start to realize that virtually no one at your club really studies the angles and percentages. A little bit of study on your part makes the opponent run a long way. If they are even a little out of shape, you can have them huffing and puffing like the little train that couldn’t.

If you get good at this, you’ll start winning more even beating people younger, faster and better than you. This is really FUN!

You can get in better shape and have fun doing it!
Now don’t think I’m advocating sitting around eating pizza all day and then trying to play high level tennis. I’m just hoping to be an inspiration to many of you in the same boat I’m in.  — Overweight and out of shape —

You can still enjoy tennis or even take it up at a more mature age and have lots of fun while you are getting in better shape.

Be sure to check out our training DVDs. We take pride in giving you enormous value. Most tennis DVDs are about 40 minutes long and they pretty much give you fancy production values and a small amount of usable information. Our DVDs give you good production value but MASSIVE amounts of immediately usable content.

— Tom Antion


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  1. Hi Tom,
    I saw a reference to the book “How to Defeat Better Tennis Players!!” by Carlos Campos on your website. This was one of my favorite books which has gone missing after lending it out a couple of years ago. I can’t find a replacement anywhere. Any thoughts on where I might find a copy?

  2. Are you still in Hampton Roads? Narendra Mohan suggested you might be willing to mentor me and help me grow my Tennis Pro Shop. Please call me 757-803-2031.

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