Tennis Practice: Don’t let heat ruin your strokes — 3 Comments

  1. “RIGHT ON” Tom !! “Quality Practice” !! SMART PRACTICE !!
    Makes No Sense to put in the hours out there, and keep on muscle memorizing “what you wouldn’t want to be doing”.
    It Takes Practice Yes, BUT with “discipline”, for any player to improve the very most he or she can, and you sure are Showing A Special Attention to That Matter, and inspiring all tennis community as you constantly day in day out yourself “Set The Bar Up High” for your practice objectives/goals!! I’m impressed, Cheers!! Coach Mauro.

  2. What a great idea -Not just the muscle memory that is affected from not practicing properly, but it also stops any bad habits from forming. Amazing how being tired can teach you the wrong things! Looks like the best way to practice is in small doses but higher intensity, and eventually building up the stamina to practice harder for longer. Thanks for the share,


  3. I always thought that when it’s hot I have to push my self to the limits. Why? Because if I could manage to do well in a super hot weather, I would be ready to do super well at a cool weather.

    Thanks for the advices Tom! I love yout blog !

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