Tennis practice: Videotape Yourself — 4 Comments

  1. The top players like Federer and Nadal do this all the time. Not so much with practices, but they will re-watch their matches in the big tournaments to see how they can improve on certain things, even against a certain player. It might even help to watch the video when you are hitting well, instead of only looking for the mistakes. That way you can see what you were doing when you hit the ball well and try to replay it in my head while i’m taking a break.

  2. The same goes with all sports players even with actors. They record their practice in order to see it later on, or they get a ton of DVDs with their games/plays and try to spot their mistakes!

  3. Video Taping Your Workouts is PRICELESS!!
    I’ve been using Video Analysis Feedback for so
    many years now, with Fantastic Results Always!!
    A student or a player that watch’s himself has
    a way much superior level of self-awareness!!!
    Another simple smart advice there Tom, Cheers!!
    (Coach Mauro) 🙂

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