I had several lessons over the weekend with Coach Kyril and Coach Mauro. Luckily we were videotaping for their DVD series so we also turned the camera on when they were training me.

Mauro is extremely detailed in his instruction and he won’t let up until you do it right. The slightest little nuance can make a big difference in whether the stroke works for you or not.

The problem is that so much was coming at me so fast I couldn’t remember all the little details he gave me . . . but the video tape did.

I got about three hours of tape with the microphone on coach Mauro, so even if he was feeding me balls from the other side of the net and the camera was on me, I could clearly hear his comments. This has been a tremendous follow up tool for me because I don’t have access to him every day and have to practice on my own.

Videotaping your lessons is one thing, but you should also videotape your practice sessions. If I’m having a problem, I can upload parts of my practice session to YouTube and Mauro can evaluate what I’m doing. If your coach is local, you could take a portable DVD player with you to the courts or use the one many people have in the back seat of their car for their kids and watch it in the parking lot.

Just about any modern video camera will work. If it has a high speed shutter, that’s even better because you can still clearly see what you are doing when you slow down the playback.


Just about any modern camcorder will help you improve your game tremendously

Another interesting thing about videotaping is that you probably won’t believe some things that you are doing unless you see it for yourself. When I train presentation skills using videofeedback, people would swear to me they were NOT jingling keys in their pocket while they were speaking. . .  but they were.

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Tennis practice: Videotape Yourself — 4 Comments

  1. The top players like Federer and Nadal do this all the time. Not so much with practices, but they will re-watch their matches in the big tournaments to see how they can improve on certain things, even against a certain player. It might even help to watch the video when you are hitting well, instead of only looking for the mistakes. That way you can see what you were doing when you hit the ball well and try to replay it in my head while i’m taking a break.

  2. The same goes with all sports players even with actors. They record their practice in order to see it later on, or they get a ton of DVDs with their games/plays and try to spot their mistakes!

  3. Video Taping Your Workouts is PRICELESS!!
    I’ve been using Video Analysis Feedback for so
    many years now, with Fantastic Results Always!!
    A student or a player that watch’s himself has
    a way much superior level of self-awareness!!!
    Another simple smart advice there Tom, Cheers!!
    (Coach Mauro) 🙂

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