This is an opponent that I just can't tire out.

I just love my Tennis Tutor Plus and I love the company too.

This is my second machine. I had one years ago that I eventually sold to my tennis coach when I upgraded to the Plus model.

I really attribute a lot of my practice success to this machine. It’s really hard to find people who want to drill and get better. It’s pretty easy to find people that just want to hit or play a match, but try to talk them into drilling crosscourt forehands for 15 minutes and they’re sick of it in 5 mintues or less.

One of the great things about this machine and many of the machines in the Tennis Tutor line is that they are battery operated so you don’t have to drag around a hundred foot extention cord every time you want to use it. Also the battery will far outlast anyone reading this website.

When using the machine, I just roll it to the car with it’s convenient folding handle and then use the “suitcase” style handle to hoist it in the back seat.

I normally use my Tretorn Micro X Pressureless Balls in the machine so that I get a consistent throw.

You can set the speed, elevation, topspin, underspin, oscillation and a bunch of other stuff. You can even set it to random and set the skill level. I can tell you that function really kicks your butt.

Although I haven’t done it, to justify the cost you could lease it by the hour to a local tennis club that doesn’t have one. Don’t forget to negotiate so you get to use it free 🙂

The Company

This company really knows what customer service is all about. Although I’ve had zero trouble with the machine itself, I did have a bad battery charger that was so bad it actually ruined the batteries in the machine. One call to the company and brand new batteries and a power supply were on their way almost instantly. From what I recall they Fedexed everything….God only knows how much it would cost to FedEx a heavy battery.

On another occasion I lost my remote control. I called the company fully ready to purchase a new one. The guy took my order and was about to hang up when I said, “Hey, what about my credit card info?” He said, “No. Don’t worry. I have another one sitting right here. I’ll send it to you.” Again, I think they FedExed it.

This ball machine is versatile and extremely tough. I highly recommend it.


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