Two tone Tretorn Micro X pressureless balls

I really love these balls. . . but only for certain purposes.

Pressureless tennis balls are pretty much indestructible.  I have some that I’ve had for three years and they still bounce just as well as the day they were new. Yes, the fuzz is worn off, but that doesn’t cause a problem. I definitely don’t advocate them for certain kinds of practice and I’ll address that at the bottom of this page.

Why use pressureless?

One good reason to use pressureless is to groove strokes when using a ball machine. When I save up a lot of dead balls and put them in my ball machine, I can hardly get a practice session done because one ball dribbles out of the machine and the next one flies over the fence. To groove strokes I need a consistent ball machine toss and you just can’t get that with a bunch of dead balls.

Another good reason to use pressureless is budget practice. Even though pressureless is much more expensive to buy, since they last forever, you can get in years worth of practice with balls that are actually lively and bounce instead of dead balls which cause you to overhit.

Speaking of overhitting . . .

I NEVER PRACTICE SERVES WITH DEAD BALLS! What I found was that to get the ball to go over the net and go in the service box I’d have to hit way harder than I should at my skill level which caused me to totally lose control. Then when I would get into a match using brand new balls I’d hit them into the next county because I was overhitting based on the practice I had done with dead balls.

I buy pressureless Tretorn Micro X balls by the bucket.

As pressureless balls lose their fuzz they actually start traveling faster as they age. The reason this is a good thing is that when it’s coming at you, you have to prepare faster and when you are hitting them, they force you to pay close attention to your stroke so you don’t hit them over the fence.

Pressureless balls aren’t good. . .

When you are getting ready for a match. The rubber in them is a little thicker than a normal tennis ball, they don’t weigh the same and they don’t bounce exactly the same (especially after all the fuzz is gone).

Colors and prices and quanities.

You can get two tone as pictured above or solid yellow. I guess that’s just a matter of preference. Each ball has a big X on it so it’s pretty easy to keep track of them when they get mixed in with other practice balls. I buy almost all my tennis stuff off Amazon. They consistently have the best prices, shipping and service. You can get bags or buckets in quantities of 72 or 96 Check it out below:


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