Tennis Injuries Can Do You Good — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Tom, I’m a customer, bought your dvd and loved it, very practical tips. Thanks for your blog too. I’m not a fatso but I’m not getting any younger so everything helps. I had a question about your injury as I’m experiencing a similar thing. I was diagnosed with a disc protrusion below my neck and have some pain in my shoulder, upper arm and sometimes down my whole arm to the hand. Also my upper back and neck. And I haven’t played in a month. Serving and a windshield wiper topspin forehand hurt. Doctor said just rest and I can play in 2 weeks. What did you do to treat it? Just rest? Thanks in advance, and best regards, Lane

  2. Hello Lane:
    I’m sorry you are suffering with that injury. I did a lot of research on the Internet about the disc problem and most of the things I found said that it would improve on its own over time. I quit serving at all for about 2 and 1/2 months and only served very easy just to get my video done. Then I quit serving for another month. In the mean time I got some physical therapy that pretty much centered on getting my back and shoulder muscles stronger or at least as strong as my chest muscles. There was an imbalance that apparently caused the entire problem (not counting hitting 1000 kick serves without the proper training.)

    Throughout the entire recovery I was hitting forehands and backhands and any other shot except overheads and felt no pain whatsoever. Of course, your doctor and you have the final say on this, but you might take the time to practice other strokes or work on the mental and strategic game more while giving your neck a break.

    As I think back I was fully recovered in about 4 months.
    I hope you get over this quickly so you can get on with improving your serve and forehand, but like I said above . . . there are probably other things you can work on .
    Nice to meet you.

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