Tennis Hydration Wins Again — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, Tom, you kicked my butt on the court that day. How you managed to look like the heat-wave didn’t even affect you is amazing to me. And yes, I was crushed like a little bug. I remember trying very hard NOT to pass out. Although I was embarrassed for my lack of ability to continue playing, I must admit defeat. Okay, I will have to take your advice for my future games. I will now ALWAYS hydrate the day before and the morning of my tennis game(s)! Rematch?

  2. Well Helen, being the gentleman that I am I was trying to hide your identity, but since you outed yourself I’ll guess I have to give you a rematch…..but only if it’s over 100 degrees hahahaha where I know I have the advantage because I doubt I’m going to lose 200 lbs by the next time we play 🙂

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