Percentage Tennis Video — 6 Comments

  1. Why not learn from one of the best, Andre Agassi, a role model for everyone. It’s great learning from him because he used to take the ball so early off the bounce. It would make it very difficult to change directions at the wrong time if he wasn’t set up properly. I guess if you are one of those players who stands 10 feet behind the baseline like me you will have a bit more time to change the direction of the ball.. That is if I can run to the ball

  2. Hey Ken. Thanks for the amazon link. I was also looking for copies of the video.

    I am one of the millions Agassi believers. Whatever he preaches, I believe. (in tennis that is)

    And oh, he a great man to. IMO.

  3. Wow! Nothing beats an old school video like this one. Thanks Ken for the link. I’ll have one delivered soon.

    Anton, thank you as well for putting this blog up. I’ll drop my every chance I get to check on new posts!

  4. Thanks for summing up the video for us Tom. Good thing Amazon still has this in their catalog. I have also tried and failed at finding a copy for the last couple of months now.

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