Unique Tennis Video DVD — 11 Comments

  1. Great video. I think they should include eating pizza in all sports. Would make things a bit more fun, especially if you are the one playing. One problem might be that instead of asking what grip you use on your forehand, i’ll be asking if that pizza is a pepperoni pizza 🙂

  2. Imagine soccer with pizza! The goalkeeper would wait for his team to attack whilst eating a slice or two and leaning on a post.

  3. That’s perfect. When everyone else was at the other end of the field the goalkeeper could actually set up a little table and chairs because Mom always said. don’t stand up while you’re eating hahahahaha

  4. LOL @ Remi

    You guys are funny!

    Great video! Thanks a lot for sharing. I’ll get a copy of the DVD for my mom.

  5. Hahahahaha! I could picture the pizza and soccer scenes in my head. You guys crack me up. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Food!!! Guys, knock it off! Now I’m craving for pizza. haha!

    Great video, Tom. I’m in the look out for instructional videos I can get tips from. Thanks for posting your links.

  7. The instructional videos are very well made, good job. Props to you as well for your efforts in putting this blog up. Its very informative and FUN too!

  8. I’m glad I came across this blog! I plan to give my husband your DVD set for our anniversarry. He’s been bitten by the tennis bug lately and would benefit from your instructional videos! Thanks!

  9. I’m a PTR Certified Tennis Pro, with over 30 years of experience teaching/coaching, and I’ve seen literally thousands of club players over the years. This DVD has the exact kind of tips needed if you are a little bit or even “hopelessly” out of shape.

    Even if you aren’t totally out of shape and you’re looking for a large collection of tips and equipment that will help you this DVD has an enormous amount of information… over 3 hours long!

    Tom covers lots of unique and little known gadgets and equipment for staying cool and avoiding injury. He explains court geometry and tactics extremely well. His motto is “run the other guy to death while you eat a piece of pizza”, lol, I loved that, funnyyy…

    He shows drills to put pressure on your out of shape opponent and he explains drop shot and lob tactics too, and serving and return of serve techniques to run your opponent literally right into the fence. He covers way more than I can even fit in this review and I watched every single minute of his looooong 2 DVD set.

    Tom has come up with a totally original approach to helping to deal with some of the problems that the overweight tennis lovers encounter on the court. Through this DVD, with an arsenal of tips that are right-on and so very useful, he will for sure help many players, “not just overweight”, to improve their game, and start winning more against any style of opponent!! Good Job Tom!! Cheers!! SALUTennis!! (Coach Mauro)

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