Tennis Groundstroke Cleaner — 1 Comment

  1. “Right On” again Tom!! It’s always a tremendous pleasure to work with such great students of the game like you!! The down the line shot (parallel to the sideline) is in my opinion like a “stroke cleaner shot” when it comes to having correct and smooth groundstroke mechanics, both on the forehand and backhand side. To be able to “intentionally” hit the ball down the line, it’s very much “a must” to do these “3 basic things”: n#1, Turn Shoulders Sideways (Coil Upper Body Well) to “line up” a good stroke path, n#2, Follow Through Well swinging towards the target (down the line), which straitens up your stroke path inside the contact zone, and n#3, Keep Your Wrist Firm, Not Stiff, Tense, but just Firm in Place, “staying away from Flicking The Wrist like a pinball machine flipper” at impact point, to be able to then maintain the racket head steady and squared to your chosen target inside the contact zone, aiming towards down the line. You can get away with making stroke mechanics mistakes and hit the ball cross court, but down the line, in my opinion, only “mostly” by luck, unless you do do things right. Keep working on it Tom, and those numbers “29 & 36 out of 50” will soon increase for sure, although they are not bad at all for your first time, but actually very good!! I totally agree with your percentage shot phylosophy, but besides being sharp on the bread’n butter crosscourts, it does not hurt to be able to Make The Down The Line Ones You Try, when it comes to it, at the right time of a match, so practicing it for “clean-up purpose” will also add that extra gear to your regular arsenal of shots you have confidence in!! Cheers!! SALUTennis!!
    (Coach Mauro)

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