Miguel Rosa from Nick Bolletteri tennis academy gave me another great tip when I attended his Virginia Beach Clinic. Miguel knew that I was producing a video for large and out of shape people on conserving energy while making the opponent burn energy. His next tip really helped me out.

Miguel saw me charging like an out of control freight train to hit wide forehands. I was so out of control when I got to the ball that I was very inconsistent. Miguel told me to concentrate on keeping my head still when running to the ball. He said if my head was still, that my body would stay still too thus conserving tons of energy on each stroke and that my consistency would improve too.

I think it would be worth it to you to go out for a practice session where the only thing you concentrate on is being smooth around the court. Make sure your head is not bobbing up and down. Make sure you can see clearly. When your head is all over the place your vision will not be clear as you run to the ball.

Put some practice into being smooth and you’ll put more shots in and save tons of energy when running around the court.

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