I was doing a video shoot this past weekend with Coach Kyril of http://www.CoachKyrilTennis.com and Coach Mauro Marcos. During the break I was pondering how high I should toss for my serve.

Throughout the weekend I kept hearing from these guys, “Toss higher, toss higher”. I wanted to really get some gauge of how high I really was tossing. When you are out in the middle of the court it’s hard to have a reference of how high the ball is actually going.

Tennis serve tossing drill

You can practice your toss by getting near a wall.

By standing near a wall or fence that has some kind of reference on it (in this case the railing from the spectator area of the court) you can see how high you are actually tossing the ball and start to get a feel of how much arm you have to put into it to get it up that high.

Since you always want to toss out in front you can stand whatever distance you need to be from the wall. I was taught 1-2 feet for flat serve and zero to 1 foot for slice, kick and topspin.

It’s a handy little drill to add consistency to your serve.

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Tennis serve toss drill — 3 Comments

  1. Great drill Tom.. It’s tough for me to gauge where my toss is going when it’s sunny out and a clear blue sky. I am tossing mostly by feel. Do you have any suggestions for where to toss when the sun is in your eyes? I feel that is one thing that effects me the most in my game when it is sunny outside.

  2. We had a window at the backyard of my old house that I Knew it was about 2 meters (stupid metric system) from the ground and I was using that as a reference!

  3. Tom, Kudos for “Isolated Practice” on your Ball Toss!!
    Almost “nobody does that”, what they usually do instead
    is complain about how bad their toss just is. No cutting
    corners here friends, want a great toss, Practice It!!
    (Coach Mauro) 🙂

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