I learned this trick over 37 years ago when I checked in for my first day of practice at the West (by God) Virginia University football locker room. I was issued a brand new pair of Astro Turf shoes and a brand new pair of grass cleats. The equipment manager at the time had been there since before American Football had been invented and he said, “Son. I don’t want to see you in the training room with blisters. Take this jar of Vaseline and put it all over your socks before you work out in these shoes.”

Vaseline for tennis blisters

I learned this anti blister trick 37 years ago and it has served me well.

I know the shoe manufacturers would say this is totally unnecessary, but it has been a ritual with me for a long time whenever I’m breaking in new shoes and I rarely ever get a blisters.

Here’s a couple tips:

1. You don’t have to slob Vaseline 2 inches thick. Just a light coating will do and remember your socks will absorb some of it so don’t scrimp either.

2. Wear your new shoes a little bit every day just walking around the house before you play a couple hours of tennis.

3. Use “Mole Skin” from the drugstore on any problem areas.

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Tennis Blisters again – a 37 year old trick — 1 Comment

  1. There are also some stickers which you can stick at your ankle if you think that the shoe will hurt your ankle.

    But wearing your shoes at home, in order to make wide them with the usage is a great tip!

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