Message from Vic to Me about the college:

May 13-15, 9am to 5pm each day. All strokes are covered. I personally videotape each person’s strokes and do an individual analysis for each person. We also take their photo with me and the staff. I also like to stay in touch with them to see how they are progressing. We cover both the physical and mental side of making meaningful changes.The course is at the Coto Valley Country Club in Coto de Caza, CA. The cost is 510.00 per person.

They can call 949-589-5000 for reservations. Or, they can call me at 949-257-9863, or email me at for reservations, or more information…

From Tom:

I say go. This legendary coach has meant wonders for tennis and for tens of thousands of players just like you and me. ….Remember what he did for my serve in only 1 hour……increase of 30 MPH…..unbelieveable.

Check it out.

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